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Sober living

Sober Curious: What It Means, Benefits, and Tips for Living Sober

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Facilities that run in the high double or even triple digits often have services such as professional cooks, personal life trainers, and fitness courses. These facilities are usually meant for those in executive level positions that need to remain anonymous among their peers. Under certain conditions, alcohol can negatively affect our bodies and personal relationships.

There comes a time when they have to return to the real world, full of the challenges and stress that may have caused substance abuse to begin with. Although they have recovered physically, they need guidance, counseling, and support to rebuild their lives without drugs. These houses offer the advantage of a safety net and help in reducing alcohol cravings. At least 2 of every five recovering addicts relapse after formal addiction treatment. It’s easy to confuse sober living houses with rehab centers or halfway houses, but there are some stark differences among them.

‘My life has done a 180’

Essentially, this means that each individual has a daily obligation to meet their spiritual needs, including managing their own sobriety. There is no cure for addiction, just a responsibility to oneself each new day of staying sober. A trained therapist can show you the steps and provide you with the tools you need to live a healthy, Part of living a sober life is setting healthy boundaries and understanding the negative or positive impact of the people and things you choose to surround yourself with. Over time, living a sober life can take years off your appearance, which can also help boost your self-esteem.

Although the media may make getting drunk and using drugs seem appealing and fun, the effects of abusing substances are not. Hangovers are not fun, throwing up is not fun, embarrassing yourself is not fun, getting withdrawal symptoms due to drug dependency is far from fun, and suffering from addiction to drugs is insufferable. Sober living houses can foster peer encouragement, camaraderie, character development, and accountability in residents. The outcomes of living in such an environment can include positive health, behavioral, and relationship changes. After awhile, many of us can forget the miserable existence we were living in addiction and find ourselves reminiscing at the “fun” we had. If we get too hyper-focused on that, we can begin to romanticize and eventually fall down a slippery slope headed to relapse.

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