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Generates histograms when computing column statistics if enabled. For example, collecting column statistics usually takes only one table scan, but generating equi-height histogram will cause an extra table scan. The shuffle hash join can be selected if the data size of small side multiplied by this factor is still smaller than the large side. The threshold for the size in bytes of local relations to be cached at the driver side after serialization.
The compiled, a.k.a, builtin Hive version of the Spark distribution bundled with. Note that, this a read-only conf and only used to report the built-in hive version. If you want a different metastore client for Spark to call, please refer to spark.sql.hive.metastore.version. A comma-separated list of fully qualified data source register class names for which StreamWriteSupport is disabled. Sets which Parquet timestamp type to use when Spark writes data to Parquet files.

How to Find Config File Location

When set to true, Hive Thrift server executes SQL queries in an asynchronous way. When set to true, the built-in ORC reader and writer are used to process ORC tables created by using the HiveQL syntax, instead of Hive serde. When this option is set to false and all inputs are binary, elt returns an output as binary. When true, optimizations enabled by ‘spark.sql.execution.arrow.pyspark.enabled’ will fallback automatically to non-optimized implementations if an error occurs.
If you run the container or core installation methods, you will need to manually make a backup of your configuration folder. Be aware that some of the files you need start with ., which is hidden by default from both ls (in SSH), in Windows Explorer, and macOS Finder. You’ll need to ensure that you’re viewing all files before you copy them.
It takes effect when Spark coalesces small shuffle partitions or splits skewed shuffle partition. Before loading your application’s environment variables, Laravel determines if an APP_ENV environment variable has been externally provided or if the –env CLI argument has been specified. If so, Laravel will attempt to load an .env.[APP_ENV] file if it exists. Note

Thread Configurations

Any variable in your .env file can be overridden by external environment variables such as server-level or system-level environment variables.
This is generally useful for blackbox monitoring of an ingress. The address will be set to the host specified in the ingress spec. The pod role discovers all pods and exposes their containers as targets.

Configuration file introduction

When true and ‘spark.sql.ansi.enabled’ is true, Spark SQL reads literals enclosed in double quoted (“) as identifiers. When true, enable adaptive query execution, which re-optimizes the query plan in the middle of query execution, based on accurate runtime statistics. While numbers without units are generally interpreted as bytes, a few are interpreted as KiB or MiB. If you use Home Assistant Core, you can find configuration.yaml in the config folder passed to the hass command (default is ~/.homeassistant). Right under the version you are running, you will find what path Home Assistant has loaded the configuration from.
The most flexible variant takes a Config object, which you can load using any method in ConfigFactory. For example you could put a config string in code using ConfigFactory.parseString() or you could make a map and ConfigFactory.parseMap(), or you could load a file. The philosophy is that code never contains default values, but instead relies upon their presence in the reference.conf supplied with the library in question. The prefix option allows you to add a custom prefix to all of Tailwind’s generated utility classes. This can be really useful when layering Tailwind on top of existing CSS where there might be naming conflicts. When your application is in maintenance mode, a custom view will be displayed for all requests into your application.

  • When set to true, the built-in Parquet reader and writer are used to process parquet tables created by using the HiveQL syntax, instead of Hive serde.
  • Triton SD configurations allow retrieving
    scrape targets from Container Monitor
    discovery endpoints.
  • When this option is set to false and all inputs are binary, functions.concat returns an output as binary.
  • If the application is in maintenance mode, a Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\HttpException instance will be thrown with a status code of 503.
  • Prior to RabbitMQ 3.7.0, RabbitMQ config file was named
    rabbitmq.config and used the same Erlang term format used by advanced.config today.

The length of the key provided should match the key length required by the encryption cipher being used. By default, Laravel will use the AES-256-CBC cipher which requires a 32 character key. You are free to use any cipher supported by Laravel’s encrypter by passing the –cipher option when invoking the command.

Whether to run the Structured Streaming Web UI for the Spark application when the Spark Web UI is enabled. List of class names implementing StreamingQueryListener that will be automatically added to newly created sessions. The classes should have either a no-arg constructor, or a constructor that expects a SparkConf argument.

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